1. Plant Sale – The Spring Sale was held at the Johns Island Farmers’ Market. Many thanks to our members, donors and fellow gardeners who make this sale a sell-out!  Twice each year, in the spring and fall, our club holds a Plant Sale in our community.   This activity allows us to make contact with gardeners outside our club and to provide gardening knowledge to the public, as members are available to answer questions from the public.  As members, we have increased our knowledge of propagation from both seeds and cuttings to provide plants for the sale.  This is also our main fund raising source for the year.


  2.  Membership Drive – We encourage each member to invite guests to our monthly meetings to help us grow our membership and to reach out to our community.   Our new Facebook page will help prospective members find out about the club.   Our plant sale also helps us reach gardeners and potential club members in the area.  
  3. Monthly Flower Design and Horticulture Exhibit - Prior to our meetings each month, we have a flower design and horticulture exhibit by members.   Floral designs are planned in advance for each month.   A preview for the next month’s design is presented at each club meeting to assist members in planning designs for the next meeting.   Design and horticulture are judged by a team including club experts and rotating club members to increase knowledge of NGC design and horticulture guidelines.   Club members are recognized at each meeting with Blue, Red and Yellow ribbon awards representing the quality of their submissions.   To encourage maximum participation, club members not meeting the minimum number of entries are subject to pay a penalty which goes into the treasury of the Club. Members are required to participate with a minimum number of entries in each category.  
  4. Continuing Education -Club members participate in educational workshops, seminars and classes as provided throughout the state.   Our By-laws provide funds for a member to participate in approved education courses.
  5.  Fall Fair Flower Show – Members exhibit designs and horticulture and assist as hostesses, housekeeping and clerks for judges during the Council of Garden Clubs Fall Flower Show.   We also work with youth groups for design and/or educational exhibits.
  6.  Field Trips - We use field trips to acquaint members with local gardens and gardening expertise.   In the past, we have visited the Magnolia plantation and private gardens in the Carolina Lowcountry.   Future plans include visiting local nurseries and herb farms as well as club member private gardens.   This provides education and access to local knowledge for our club members, several of whom are new to the Low Country.
  7.  Civic Beautification – We have refurbished both of our two GCSC logo and Club name road signs located at the entrances to Johns Island.     We have reinstalled one, but and we are awaiting SC DOT approval to install the other one. Past projects have included landscaping clean up and design at Berkley Electric and at the Johns Island Post Office. Cleanup is conducted quarterly at the Butcher Oak.
  8.  Arbor Day - Club will plan and execute an Arbor Day program for the Johns Island community.
  9.  Social Hour – At the beginning of each meeting, members provide coffee and brunch.   Hosting is by two or three members each month.   This gives us the opportunity to share our gardening experiences and have social time together.   Our guest speakers are invited to join us to build communication and ongoing relationships with our club.