1. Carolina Fence Garden/Schoolyard Habitat - Using the guidelines outlined by the National and South Carolina Wildlife Federations, club members provide assistance to students and teachers at Haut Gap Middle School who work on maintaining and enhancing the Carolina Fence Garden/Schoolyard Habitat MGC constructed on the school grounds in Spring 2012.   Each year’s 8th grade class plans to plant and maintain perennials and herb plantings.      

  2.  Blue Bird HouseJohns Island Bluebird Trail – Club member obtain, erect, and maintain at least one bluebird house on their property to encourage growth of the local bluebird population.  Club members who do not have a habitat for a bluebird house will sponsor one at an alternate location. Club members developed an educational exhibit, which includes a map of Johns Island and surrounding areas, reflecting the locations and number of bluebird houses on our Bluebird Trail.   This exhibit is displayed in public areas around the community to showcase the bluebird and its habitat and highlight what is needed to attract and protect it.   This educates and encourages residents to participate with a bluebird house of their own as we continually track and record new bluebird house locations on the display map.  
  3. Certified Back Yard Habitat  - MGC strives to have 100 percent participation in the National Wildlife Federation Certified Backyard Habitat Program.   All but our newest members are certified and we work with our new members to become certified as soon as possible.  
  4. Post Office Landscaping – MGC installed seasonal and perennial plantings to beautify our Johns Island Post Office.   We also provide supplemental garden maintenance to the planted area.   We will use this opportunity to share planting and pruning techniques with postal staff, and the community as we take pride in our ability to give back to our community.   In the 1964-65 yearbook, the Magnolia Garden Club identified a project to landscape around the new post office.   This new project picks up on a 50 year old tradition! Winner,  State and National Award Winner.
  5. Maybank  Highway Beautification  - MGC instituted a project to promote businesses on Maybank Highway on Johns Island that maintain their property to a high standard.   We will announce the project and publish recognitions in fall and spring for well maintained and landscaped properties.   There is considerable variability in how businesses maintain their property and we seek to incent businesses to show their appreciation for their role in the community by maintaining attractive grounds.   The Magnolia Garden Club members will make themselves available to advise businesses on native and low maintenance plantings to support this effort.   This new project picks up on a contest from the 1959-60 yearbook selecting a Yard of the Month on Maybank Highway  harkening back to when there were only residences on Maybank Highway.  
  6. Berkeley Electric Cooperative Containers – Magnolia Garden Club installed and helped maintain plantings in containers outside the entrance to Berkeley Electric Cooperative on Johns Island.   We use this opportunity to share planting and pruning techniques with each other and take pride in our ability to give back to Berkeley Electric and the community.